Quick and Easy Ways of Clearing up That Basement Space 20

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Quick and Easy Ways of Clearing up That Basement Space

Basements, both completed and incomplete, have a habit of becoming a catch-all storage space for everything. There is everything from Christmas decorations to the old Singer sewing table etc. It’s not a problem to keep a few bits and ends downstairs. However, if stacks of boxes begin to vanish behind other stacks of boxes, you may have a congestion issue. Here are some fun ways that you can get to reorganize your basement, after your real money pokies of course!

Quick and Easy Ways of Clearing up That Basement Space

Quick and Easy Ways of Clearing up That Basement Space

Label Your Boxes

This is such a good start. Everything you choose to get rid of should be taken from the basement as soon as possible and either given, recycled, or thrown away. For the goods, you plan to store, use clearly labeled plastic containers. Hence, organize them by category or season so they are easy to find when you really need them.

Declutter and eliminate all stuff you no longer need or desire before commencing your basement organization job. We propose utilizing the Three-Box Method and categorizing objects as Keep, Get Rid Of, or Put In Storage. Items in the “Keep” category can be stored in their assigned house if one already exists. Otherwise, decide where you’ll keep them while you’re arranging.

Every Space Must Serve a Purpose

To get the most out of your floor space, determine if you’ll use your basement as a spare suite, kids’ playroom, or media room. Although dealing with a limited footprint, assign it for a specific function. That way, it doesn’t become a catch-all for objects that need a place to live.

Try Built-in Storages

When you’ve decided on the function of your room, get furniture that has extra storage. Because your basement will be used as extra living space, you’ll want to keep things tidy as well as looking beautiful. Consider purchasing a storage ottoman to keep blankets and an entertainment center with shelves and drawers if you’re going to use the basement as a living room.

Consider closets for visitors’ things and platform storage beds for a guest suite. As a playroom, your basement should be outfitted with bookshelves, baskets, and a toy chest so that everything has a place. Installing shelves in the basement is handy for keeping any odds and ends that find their way below, regardless of how you utilize the area.

Play Around With Space

Another basement storage solution is to use the additional space beneath your stairs. If you have access to it, you may make the most of it by installing floating shelves or cubbies for improved organizing. If your basement has built-in wall storage, you may cover the shelves with a sliding barn door for a neater look and to add aesthetic to space.


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